Learn the Proven 
Print Selling Machine Framework 
Learn The Proven 
Print Selling Machine 
Create an Automated Photography Print Store 
Learn Essential Digital Marketing Skills
Create an Automated 
Photography Print Store
Learn Essential Digital Marketing Skills for passive income
Learn business sales and digital marketing framework designed to market and sell photography prints to grow your photography business

April 16 to 26th
Open to the first 50 challengers

*If you cannot attend a live session, the recording will be available to you the same day.

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the content or instruction after you have put in the work during the missions and have attended the call.
Upcoming Dates:
April 16 to 26th

Open to the first 50 challengers

My Goal: To Help Make You $1,000+ in the Next Month and Beyond

*If you cannot attend a live session, the recording will be available to you the same day.
What You're Gonna Learn: 
Essential Photographer Digital Marketing Business Skills
The First Thing you'll learn
creating a compelling collection & How to be an authority 
There are essential steps in order to choose the proper selection of photographs that showcase your best work all the while not causing potential customers to be confused and to not buy.

Understand the customer psychology of your market to increase your sales performance.
THE Second THING you'll learn how to set up your selling machine
Of course you can set up your own print store but can you set up a drop shipping print store? 

One that showcase holograms, limited edition prints and a print shop that automatically prints when you make a sale and also ships the print?

How to price your work and how to earn more as a creative.
THE Third THING you'll learn
Now that you have set up your store, now what? 

How can you actually get people to buy your artwork? 

Let me take you on a journey of how you can generate a store launch that provides you with sales today, tomorrow and the years to come.
Instructor Testimonial from 
Professional Wildlife Photographer 
Donal Boyd (IG: donalboyd)
for Chase Teron 

We will have 5 LIVE Zoom Calls and each one will discuss the framework and to provide you with concrete plans and homework to accomplish.

If you can't attend the recordings are uploaded to private FB group.

Call 1: April 16th at 12pm PST 
(7pm London UK / 6am Sydney Aus)

Call 2: April 19th at 12pm PST

Call 3: April 21st at 12pm PST

Call 4: April 22nd at 12pm PST

Call 5: April 26th at 12pm PST

I will do the LIVE presentations with slides and also we will examine my print store to go over the examples

You can message me questions that I will answer in the following call in the Private FB group.

*All sessions are recorded and sent to the group after the 1hr sessions. So it's not imperative you attend all sessions live.

The Option for private sessions

Opening and launching on online store is easy...


Successfully earning money, drop shipping with automation, selling FINE ART is a challenge. 

So you can book an HOUR session with me personally to help you solve your challenges. 

You will see a session is $147 which is also a discounted price so keep an eye out for it. 

Buy now and book later within my scheduling application. I will personally audit your site and give you honest feedback in your photography business, portfolio and shop.

Great question. And it is a VERY GOOD DEAL. Probably the BEST DEAL online for this type of program.

I'm in the business of photography education and photography tours. My livelihood relies on the success of my students so I want this to be accessible for people to discover their own potential.

There's something that you'll learn when you meet me in the call, whenever I have a service I want my clients to get 10x the value or more.

I want people to experience how passionate I am and for them to share their experiences.

Also, if it was free you would have nothing on the line. $97 is a little sum to keep you accountable and to show up for the LIVE calls and to do the work.

Email me hello@artica-studios.com if you have more questions.
Hear from our Previous Challenger Photographers!
Here are just some of the Testimonials...
Watch Nitin's video and experience during the 10 Day Print Selling Challenge (Feb 4-14th 2021)

Nitin sold $6,300 USD in prints during the challenge and had booked several one on one sessions with Chase. Nitin has sold 3 fine art prints x $3,000 USD plus 1 fine art print at $5,000 USD totalling $14,000 USD since mid February to end of March 2021.

Watch Torie's video and experience during the 10 Day Print Selling Challenge (Feb 15 -25th 2021)

"Chase shows you step by step what to do. Which is just what I was looking for.... I had time constraints, so I didn't do these 5 steps that he suggested and I did maybe two of them and I wasn't expecting much from my launch and I was pleasantly surprised and my mind was blown a little bit as 
I still made well over $1,000 USD..."

Watch Dave's video and experience during the 10 Day Print Selling Challenge (December 2020)

"Just cracked $1,000 USD in sales !!!!!

Store open 24 hours


Watch Logan's video and experience during the 10 Day Print Selling Challenge and 1 on 1 sessions (December 2020)

"I made over $1,000 USD in revenue during the launch and donated over 200£ to Polar Bear Conservation." 

-Logan, O. UK

Luke, from Germany
Watch Luke's video and experience during the 10 Day Print Selling Challenge
Sandra, from germany
Watch Sandra's video and experience during the 10 Day Print Selling Challenge
For just $97... 
You'll get 5 total calls with live instruction with me, chase, IN 10 days
" The biggest problem I see with hobby and budding professional photographers is that they have incredible photos that are not generating them any return at all. My goal is to help you set up a selling machine to earn at least $1,000 and beyond.

This course is not just about photography print selling but rather digital marketing sales and marketing. 

Our past challengers who took the challenge seriously and took ACTION made upwards of $3,000 in less than a month with no social following.

My goal is to empower at least 1,000 photographers in 2021 with essential business knowledge for them to succeed in their specific photography niche."
* Disclaimer: "Results are never guaranteed nor is the $1,000 in 10 days. 10 days is the total length of the challenge and when you launch your store your sales will vary. I provide you with the framework of how to create an online drop shipping print store and a lot of action is required for you to create a successful store. I do not promise, nor guarantee any monetary results at all. The results achieved by past students does not mean that you will achieve the same results. I do not do the work for you but rather show you the steps needed."
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